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Tadelakt Plaster, and Micro Cement Floors & showers Los Angeles

About  Tadelakt Plaster Los Angeles
Tadelakt plaster Los Angeles is a company specializing in tadelakt shower finishes, unique micro cement showers and micro cement Floors finishes in Los Angeles. Our 10 years of experience and professional work guarantees our services. We have created the most durable and decorative tadelakt plaster system in the USA. Our exclusive plaster system has been used in more than 500 showers in Los Angeles, Our waterproof tadelkt, micro cement floors, and concrete shower plaster systems is a guarantee to be durable and waterproof.
Our waterproof plaster system can be applied to showers, countertops, drywall wall, floors, sinks, bathtubs, kitchen backsplash, cabinets, shelves, or any wet area, the waterproof plaster finish can be used on modern homes or traditional homes as well.
Our specialty is our waterproof and decorative plaster for shower finishes. Our high-quality waterproof plaster makes us the best choice for shower plaster finishes in Los Angeles County. After more than 10 years making waterproof plaster showers in tadelakt and micro cement floors we have developed a unique techniques with a process that is done by us in the market. We have created a unique waterproof plaster system made up of 11 layers, which are: waterproof membrane, fiberglass mesh, 4 layers of micro cement, tadelakt plaster finish or micro cement plaster finish, waterproof sealant, and Italian transparent matt or gloss finish. Our products combined with our renowned skill and attention to detail produce impeccable results for every client.
We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and have a true love for what we do. We pride ourselves on our services and loyalty to our customers who rave about what we've helped them create in their homes or projects. We believe in our waterproof plaster installation, the beauty that will add value to your project, making each design a work of art.

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Tadelakt Plaster FAQS

Q: What is waterproof Tadelackt plaster?

A:Tadelakt plaster is a Finish Made lime marble dust and pigment. the plaster is origiunaly from Morroco,
Moroccan Tadelakt is a magical art, designed to bring the walls to life and create a warm, romantic atmosphere. This stunning finish can liven up any room and transform it from ordinary to beautiful with its smooth and eye-catching look. Moroccan art of tadelakt is inspired by traditional methods of wall plastering, with Fez and Marrakech providing inspiration for plaster rich in jewel tones.
Tadelkt is a traditional Moroccan art that dates back to the Romans and the Moors. Tadelakt means 'hiding place', this type of plaster comes with a range of cosmetic finishes such as gold, ivory and black. Tadelakt brings new ideas about how we can live and work in a sustainable way. It focuses on materials, space and light. Tadelakt is used to cover walls and ceilings in many Moroccan homes and palaces
The history of Moroccan tadelakt goes back more than 1,000 years. It is a tradition that combines craftsmanship, artistic flair and natural elements to create unique flourishes on the walls and floors of homes as well as mosques and madrasas. From modern and contemporary designs to repeating traditional motifs, each Tadelakt piece is created by hand with great attention to detail.

Q:What characteristics and methods of creating the art of Moroccan Tadelakt:
A:Moroccan Tadelakt is a centuries-old technique for creating durable, water-resistant clay walls and surfaces. The secret of the ability of cement-based materials to withstand the elements lies in their composition: they contain a pulp made of lime powder, gypsum or wood ash, mixed with sand and cement. With a naturally smooth finish and durable nature, it's easy to fall in love with tassels. Each piece is handcrafted by local artisans in Morocco using local materials that highlight the region's rich culture and traditions.
Moroccan tadelakt art, which dates back to the 12th century, is considered one of the most developed methods in the world for finishing and decorating walls. The process involves applying a thick paste of lime, wood ash, and gypsum over drywall and then washing it by hand with water to create a natural finish over time. Moroccan Tadelakt art is an age-old tradition that combines many experiences, from the ancient craftsmanship used to create its unique finish, to the eye-catching shapes in each project of an exclusive color palette.

Q:What are the Moroccan Tadelakt techniques:
A:Tadelakt art is a distinctive layer of gypsum. The rich lustrous patina, deep texture and earthy tones make it the signature style of Moroccan architecture. The plaster is applied in successive layers and polished with a fine ivory tool or metal espatula. This long-lasting process creates an incredibly durable finish that protects your home from moisture and mold Tadelakt walls are finished with natural pigments that perfectly match modern life. It can be easily fixed with water only. Known for its durability and elegant appearance, tadelakt has been used for generations in Morocco.
In a different style it is created from plaster and linseed oil, which is rubbed onto the surface of walls and other fixtures to produce a highly decorative finish. Once applied to walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture, it is buffed with a wool or cotton cloth before the final layer of wax is added. These smooth surfaces are painted or dyed with a solution of beeswax and olive oil in an age-old tradition. Today, Tadelakt is still coated with natural minerals and plant pigments and slowly dried for 24 hours before being sealed with beeswax that reflects light like a mirror. The resulting glossy surface is not only aesthetically stunning, but is also stain, water and heat resistant.
Moroccan Tadelakt art is considered one of the finest and most famous handicrafts in the world. Tadelakt has been used for over a thousand years for interior decoration, and is becoming increasingly popular in interior design circles, most people are familiar with tadelakt as a type of indoor/outdoor wall covering, but it is also used on ceilings, stairs, floors and even furniture recently gaining popularity in the United State.
In the United States, due to the type of construction and the maintenance that must be given to the traditional tadelakt, it has had to modify and improve the techniques to integrate them into the construction of the USA, due to the type of hollow walls and that the bathroom walls have to be made with mesh and cement, waterproofing membranes have to be used, fiberglass anti-fracture mesh membranes, and it is reinforced with 4 layers of micro-cement that in the end serves as a base for the tadelkt, in In total, an average of 11 layers are used to make a waterproof plaster a more durable and anti fracture finish ready for daily cleaning with chemicals used in the USA, tadelakt has different finishes due to the thickness or the different sizes of the sand, the finer the sand creates a finish that is gloss or more polished, so the smoother and finer is the sand the more gloss that it becomes, and when the sand is thicker it is more resistant and ads a little texture, making it flatter in its finish. OK, The finishes can be gloss and polished or completely flat or more matte in their finish.

Q: What makes us different from other plaster companies in Los Angeles?

A: Not all Tadelakt plaster companies in Los Angeles know how to make the real Tadelakt plaster. we use the highest quality material directly from Italy, Most of the Artist and Applicators use the wrong material made in the usa by factories just fallowing the trend, that just make there own plaster and never testting it, we use a waterproof plaster system that is already in more that 400 showers in the USA, we do not use only the tadelakt plaster and we are not just venetian plaster company just plastering your bathgroom to make more money with the new stily, we are experts in the construction of the shower, we will guide you in all the procees to make the preparetion of the walls perfect for the overlay of the waterproof plaster syatem , we are experts using and creating custom made tadelakt plaster and microcement finishes, we create unique samples base on the designs, and mix colors to your satisfaction.

Q: Are there samples available:

A: Yes. Tadelakt plaster Los Angeles Company have many samples available and over 100 colors to chose from. We have the ability to custom make colors or match 80 to 90 %, and

Q: How durable is the Tadelakt  plaster:

A: super durable more than normal tadelckt, our plaster system is scratch resistant, waterproof and hard like a rock. The surface is literally a layer of stone more durable than drywall and up to 1/8" thick. The result is an allergy free, mildew resistant, and long lasting durable finish.

Q: What does it cost:

A: plase call 818 203 7150 to get a free estimate
Call us for a free estimtes 818 203 71 50
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